Are you planning your special day and are looking for the most unique wedding venues Dorset offers? If so, look no further than St. Giles House, a beautiful family house with a long and rich history. We provide an unforgettable experience as you marry in stunning settings. For further information about how we can help create the perfect wedding, contact us on 01725 517 214.


St. Giles House is a beautiful family house with a long and rich history. An award-winning restoration in recent years has seen our house brought back to life and we are excited to make this available alongside other Dorset wedding venues. Our house provides an unforgettable experience as you marry in truly stunning settings. We are licensed to hold civil ceremonies, with the choice to hold a reception and after party too. There are many locations on our property to choose from for your wedding, including:


  • House
  • Grotto
  • Park
  • Church



When you choose us over other wedding venues in Dorset, you can choose where on our property you want to be married. Each location provides its own beauty and unique traits.



Grand and inspiring, you can be married in any of the principal rooms in the house. You will be surrounded by fireplaces and old master paintings, marrying in an unforgettable setting full of history. We can personalise your ceremony and tailor it to your tastes, making us one of the most unique wedding venues Dorset offers. If you choose to hold the ceremony in the House, we can accommodate a maximum of 120 guests.



Intimate and romantic, the Grotto is perfect for couples looking to wed at one of the finest Dorset wedding venues in a magical setting. This delicate shell grotto forms part of the ‘Pleasure Grounds’ built in the early 18th Century using shells brought back from the Caribbean. Ceremonies in the Grotto accommodate a maximum of 20 guests.

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Timeless and natural, providing you sign the register indoors, your ceremony can take place anywhere in the park. This is perfect for a spring or summer wedding when you can truly enjoy the beautiful settings. There is no limit to the number of guests you can invite to your outdoor ceremony.



Spiritual and traditional, Wimborne St. Giles church is right next door to the House. If you are wanting a more traditional ceremony, the Church is the epitome of dignified grace. A ceremony in the Church will accommodate a maximum of 120 guests.



In addition to holding your ceremony on our property, we can also host your reception. You can dine in our beautiful house or in a marquee outside under candlelight. A feast is provided by our caterers and we are committed to providing great food and drink, ensuring your every whim is indulged. A reception in the house can accommodate a maximum of 120 guests but an outdoor reception has no limit.



As one of the truly unique wedding venues Dorset offers, we can hold an after-hours party once your reception has finished. You can join us in our award-winning basement club, complete with state-of-the-art light and sound system. You and your guests can enjoy our speakeasy-style bar and dance the night away.



St. Giles House is a family home that has a long and rich history. For the past 400 years, it has been at the heart of politics, philosophy, and social thought. An award-winning restoration undertaken recently has brought our house back to life and it is now one of the finest wedding venues in Dorset.


We believe in sharing the magic and beauty of this house with the world. The house and park are an oasis that has inspired people for generations and, as such, is one of the most unique wedding venues Dorset has to offer.


Licensed to hold civil ceremonies on the property, we offer many stunning locations to marry in, both in the house and in the gardens. Each location offers its own beauty and magic, so no matter where you choose your ceremony to be, it’s still at one of the most unique wedding venues Dorset offers.


Able to hold the ceremony, plus cater for your reception and host an after party too, you’ll be hard pressed to find a venue that offers more than us. When you are looking for Dorset wedding venues, we truly are the best choice for you.