Are you looking for one of the finest country wedding venues? If so, your search is over now that you’ve found St. Giles House. Steeped in fascinating history spanning over 400 years, our beautiful family house is the perfect backdrop for your big day. 

St Giles House…..

One of the most exceptional country wedding venues in Dorset


At St. Giles House, we offer our guests the choice of the four following locations at our country wedding venue:

  • Grand and Inspiring House
  • Timeless and Natural Park
  • Intimate and Romantic Grotto
  • Spiritual and Inspirational Church

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Our Stunning Country Wedding Venues Settings

At St. Giles House we offer our couples an array of settings to create a day that is truly unique to them. Whether you’re seeking a magnificent house for a vintage affair, a natural park backdrop or something a bit more intimate, we can create just that. To find out more about our options, carry on reading.


Our house offers our couples the chance to marry surrounded by an array of luxurious and exceptional decor that harks back to years gone by. With fireplaces, old master paintings and more, we guarantee an unforgettable experience in a location full of history.


If you’re looking for something a little different, our grotto is the obvious choice for your backdrop. Forming part of the ‘Pleasure Grounds’ built in the 18th century, this grotto is built using shells back from the Caribbean and creates a truly magical and unique setting.



For those seeking a timeless and natural location for their wedding, our park is the perfect option. As long as you sign the register indoors, the rest of your ceremony can take place surrounded by nature.


If you’re after something a bit more traditional, then our church is the obvious choice for your wedding. Located next door to our stunning house, St. Giles Church was restored by gothic architect Sir Ninian Comper.



Why choose St. Giles House as your country wedding venue?


Combining a stunning location, choice of settings to suit your style and a dedicated team, St. Giles House is the obvious choice for your country wedding venue.